RegCool for Windows

Version : 1.102


Technical information

Version: 1.102

Cost: Free


File size: 1.27 MB

Compatible: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Language: English

Developer: Kurt Zimmermann


RegCool is a powerful tool that allows you to edit the Windows registry.

About the program

The program allows you to view registry entries and get information about them, which includes the name, value, type, size and time. By double-clicking on the entry, you can proceed to editing. Before editing, it is better to create a backup copy, which is useful for recovery.

There is also the function of exporting entries to the REG or HTML files, comparing data and creating bookmarks. RegCool has a user-friendly interface, and consumes very little system resources. This is one of the best registry editing programs, and it is completely free.


Previous versions

RegCool 1.102

x86/x64 (1.27MБ)