Pale Moon for Windows

Version: 28.10.0


Technical information

Version: 28.10.0

License: Free


File size: 39.09 MB

Architecture: 64 bit

Compatible: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Language: English



Download Pale Moon, an enhanced prototype of Mozilla Firefox, compatible with the majority of plugins and extensions of this popular browser.

Pale Moon was developed for Windows and optimized for operation in this OS. It works 25% faster than Mozilla and processes scripts swiftly.

Anyone who is connected to the Internet can download Pale Moon. Following the hints, install the software and see it in action.

Features and abilities of the software.

  • Code optimization allows for efficient use of the new Pentium IV and Athlon 64 CPUs that support SSE2.
  • For convenience, the developers re-arranged the user tools. Browser settings can be adjusted for personal requirements.
  • You can use extensions sorted by categories from the developer's website.
  • The app works on the new open platform for developing web applications, HTML5.
  • It supports the CSS3 specification of web document design.
  • The use of 3D graphics in the browser is maintained by WebGL.
  • There are built-in plugins that prevent the navigator from being down.
  • Unnecessary functionality can be disabled for rational memory use.
  • The software has functions supporting the SVG (scale vector graphics) markup language, the tool for creating 2D images using Canvas scripts, and uploaded fonts.

    You can download Pale Moon for PC from for free.


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