Need for Speed: Most Wanted for Windows



Technical information


License: Free


File size: 544.28 MB

Architecture: 32 bit / 64 bit

Compatible: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Language: English




Almost every city has supercharged cars and their young owners, surrounded by beautiful girls. At night, you can hear the roar of engines and the squeal of brakes on the streets. Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda blind you with chrome and shining headlights. But this reality never compares to the sparkling luxury of Need for Speed.

Are you ready for the third stage? Another leap forward is a waiting you! In clouds of steam, wrapped in the smell of heated rubber, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is taking the banner of a new revolution! Open tracks, cunning cops, fabulously expensive cars! Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a world of speed, risk, luxury, and crime.

All routes, all directions are open to you. In Need for Speed: the Most Wanted racer moves freely around the city and can easily get into both industrial and residential districts.

In Need for Speed, the city lives its own life. Heavy traffic and even jams are common, but when the cops are on your tail, rookies and narrow alleys are your main allies.

Absolutely new Need for Speed gameplay. Previously, you only needed a reaction to dodge between cars at breakneck speed. Now you need skill. To shake off a tail, you will have to perform a top class maneuvre.

Chrome, brilliance and perfection. The car is still a means of self-expression and turns into a work of art in the right hands. Need for Speed: Most Wanted also offers the widest breadth of possible engine tuning options.

"Blacklist beckons and scares..." Beating rivals, you pave the way to the racing elite of the city. After defeating the local "kings", a newcomer will reach the top of the "Black List", for which he or she gets honor, respect, but also the increased attention of law enforcement officers.


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