Mozilla Firefox for Windows



Mac OS



Version: 81.0.2


Technical information

Version: 81.0.2

License: Free


File size: 53.88 MB

Architecture: 64 bit

Compatible: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Language: Russia, English

Developer: Mozilla Foundation



Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser with a large number of settings and extensions, which is distributed free by Mozilla Corporation. The app is compatible with Windows.

Information about Mozilla Firefox and its features

According to the analytical website StatCounter, as of April 2018, Mozilla Firefox is the third most popular browser in the world, only a few tenths of a percent behind Safari.

The feature of Firefox that makes it stand out from other available browsers is that it is open source, which allows third-party developers to create various add-ons and browser extensions.

Other advantages of the software include:

  1. Security provided by built-in plugins for blocking pop-ups, spyware protection, password encryption and scanning the data stream with an built-in antivirus.
  2. An easy-to-use tab system that allows users to create folders with contents, divide tabs by lists, categories or tags.
  3. Built-in RSS feeds that make the notification system convenient and accessible.
  4. Sync settings with other browsers.
  5. A built-in spell check tool.

    The software also has a number of drawbacks that the user should consider when choosing a browser:

    1. Browser updates remove installed extensions.
    2. It can use a lot of system resources. And the more browser extensions are installed by the user, the higher the requirements.
    3. Low browser speed.
    4. Complicated customization for inexperienced users.
    5. It does not have a built-in option to disable images when browsing web pages.

      Despite the drawbacks, Firefox is a well-designed and functional application. But it will take some time for new users to learn all about it. However, a wide range of browser features and an ever-increasing number of users, and third-party developers are a strong argument in its favor.

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