iTunes for Windows


Mac OS

Version: 12.10.5


Technical information

Version: 12.10.5

License: Free


File size: 264.6 MB

Architecture: 64 bit

Compatible: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Language: Russia, English, Germany, France

Developer: Apple Inc.



A multimedia player developed by Apple. This application allows you to arrange your music and movie collections, purchase media content in the online store, and synchronize Apple gadgets to your computer.

General information

iTunes is of most use to people with Apple devices:

  • iPod;
  • iPhone;
  • iPad.

    The application allows you to sync data from your portable device and computer. It also helps you create and edit playlists, record new content on Apple portable devices.

    It has a user-friendly interface with a minimalistic design. The tools are arranged in groups, and the space is not cluttered with unnecessary elements. The application has a Help section where each feature is explained in detail.

    Functions and features

    We can divide the tasks that the application can perform into two groups. The first group is related to the use of iTunes as a media player. Most of the application is taken up by the section associated with the user's media content. This section is divided into subsections:

    • Library brings together the user's collection of music, movies and radio stations. The application offers comprehensive features for navigating within the library, allows you to customize categories and create playlists.
    • For You is an information subsection where Apple Music subscribers are given recommendations based on the music they have listened to; it also has a news feed from the world of music.
    • Browse shows you the charts from Apple music, genre news, video clips and various shows.
    • Radio is a selection of radio stations based on music genre. Available for Apple Music subscribers.
    • Store is a place where you can purchase music, movies or audiobooks.

      In addition to listening to music, radio stations and watching iTunes movies, you can:

      • edit track metadata;
      • adjust the equalizer as you wish;
      • use an advanced navigation system for the media library;
      • burn tracks to disc;
      • use the built-in visualizer and switch to mini-player mode.

        The second group of tasks is related to connecting Apple gadgets to a computer. With iTunes, you can:

        • download music and movies to your device;
        • buy and install apps on your device;
        • sync contacts with your computer;
        • create a system restore point on your mobile device.


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