Combat Arms: Reloaded for Windows

Version: Latest


Technical information

Version: Latest

License: Free


Compatible: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Language: English

Developer: VALOFE Global Ltd.



Combat Arms: Reloaded - multiplayer first-person shooter with dynamic battles. Distributed in free-to-play model. Players, over 7 million people around the world, are divided into clans.

Game features

The game offers team matches, balanced weapons and gears. Gather your friends and fight with the enemy team in order to find out who has a better skills. Winning matches rise your rating up - the higher the rating, the tougher your enemies.

Arsenal Combat Arms: Reloaded has more than 600 rifles, machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers and pistols. Each type of weapon implies different tactics. Choose what suits you best and join the battle.

The battles take place on different maps, of which there are several dozen in the game. In order not to be bored, during the battle tasks will be issued. Each task requires an individual approach to achieve the goal and prompt fast decision-making.


Previous versions

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