CCleaner for Windows

Mac OS



Version: 5.71.7971


Technical information

Version: 5.71.7971

License: Free


File size: 28.08 MB

Architecture: 32 bit / 64 bit

Compatible: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Language: Russia, English

Developer: Piriform



A helpful tool for removing unnecessary and unused files. It improves performance by freeing up hard drive space. It has options to check and clean the registry and browser history. It uses little computer resources. It is a cross-platform application.

General information

The sofware was created in 2003. Ever since, it has been distributed as shareware, with two options: for home and for business. Home use allows you to clean and optimize one device. Business options allow you to optimize several users and use the app for business purposes. The availability of different versions does not affect the quality of the utility's operation. Its updates are available to all users.

CCleaner was originally developed for Windows. Then, due to its high popularity, its developers created versions for other operating systems. The app currently supports:

  • Windows OS (98, 2000, 2003, Server 2008 R2, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10);
  • macOS (10.6 to 10.11);
  • Android (4.0.3 and later).

    The app has an easy-to-use interface. The main features can be found on the main screen and are divided into small subgroups, which helps the user understand what options are available.

    Functions and features

    CCleaner deletes:

    • junk files;
    • temporary internet files created from working online;
    • Windows inactive registry entries and errors.

      The utility's functions are divided into three subgroups:

      • Cleaner, which cleans the OS after the operation of system and third-party apps;
      • Registry, which check for registry errors;
      • Tools, which provides additional features.

        The features available in the Tools section add to the app's main functions and enhance computer performance:

        • Uninstall is a function for removing apps which could not be deleted using the standard uninstaller;
        • Startup is an advanced version of the same function in Windows. It enables and disables startup programs;
        • Browser Plugins is a summary table of all extensions that run when your browsers are launched;
        • Disk Analyzer is a tool that detects how much drive space is taken by each category of files available for classification;
        • Duplicate Finder is a tool for finding duplicate files on your computer;
        • System Restore is a function for managing your computer's system restore points;
        • Drive Wiper is a tool for erasing data from drives.

        You can quickly download the latest version for free from our website.


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