Wine for Mac OS

Version: 4.0.2


Technical information

Version: 4.0.2

License: Free


File size: 124.25 MB

Architecture: 64 bit

Compatible: Mac OS X

Language: English

Developer: MikesMassiveMess



If you use a Mac, then download Wine to use Windows software. The app allows you to run executable files in .exe format on Mac devices. Wine was specifically developed for Mac OS X. This app helps bring new games and services to users and makes it possible to run Windows apps directly in macOS. This is an open-source app provided under a free license. Installation is safe and secure, you do not risk catching a virus. Wine can be downloaded for free without registration or ads.

Description of the app.

The app provides new features for working on Direct3D 10 and 11 graphics card:

  • Streaming output is available.
  • The app requests options for various formats.
  • Shaders are supported (shaders manage light, shade, and special effects).
  • Textures can be processed.
  • New models are added to the recognized graphics cards database.
  • The programming interface for Direct2D two-dimensional graphics supports applying outlines, calculates boundaries of geometrical objects, and uses brushes with linear and radial gradients. Compatibility has been added with Microsoft Windows GDI window manager.
  • The desktop now supports high resolutions and changing aspect ratio.
  • The standard interface library implemented for communication between applications, scanners, and TWAIN digital cameras now provides a dialog to select the source of document scanning.
  • Fonts are now compatible with FreeType 2.8.1 used for font rasterization and other operations with them.
  • Character maps have moved to Unicode 10.0.0 encoding standard.
  • Standard APIs are supported.
  • The browser can detect an outdated web page MHTML format with HTML code and external links to images, videos, and audio in a single file.

You can download Wine for PC for free from our website.


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