tinyMediaManager for macOS for Mac OS


Mac OS


Version: 3.1.5


Technical information

Version: 3.1.5

License: Free


File size: 30.33 MB

Compatible: Mac OS X

Language: English

Developer: Manuel Laggner

Site: www.tinymediamanager.org


tinyMediaManager is a free Java-based program to help organize and maintain a personal collection of movies and TV shows.

About the program

The program scans the folder with movies that you specify, searches for supported video files there and starts gathering information about all detected movies. it searches for information in various online sources, for example, Imdb.com, TheMovieDB.org, Miviemeter.nl, OFDb.de, or Zelluloid.de. In addition to the description and cast, the program also downloads the cover and trailer for the movie. There is also a subtitle search.

tinyMediaManager allows you to combine into collections Interconnected movies and TV shows. Thus, with its help, you can compile collections of films from one universe or related in another way.


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