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MacKeeper for Mac OS

Version :version: 4.7


Technical information

Version: 4.7

Cost: €4.95/mo


File size: 0.33 MB

Compatible: Mac OS X

Language: Russia, English, Germany, France

Developer: ZeoBIT LLC



To speed up your Apple Mac, download MacKeeper. This handy antivirus program is aimed at getting rid of unnecessary files and debugging. It includes 16 useful apps, automates the performance of routine tasks, and maintains good performance of your device.

Features of MacKeeper for Mac:

installs quickly and doesn't require much space on your drive: you won't have to delete any redundant files to use the software;

  • antitheft;
  • shredder;
  • encryption and recovery of information;
  • fast cleaning of drives;
  • back up your information;
  • uninstall the software that is already installed;
  • search for file duplicates;
  • scan the system;
  • check files for malicious code.

Anyone who is connected to the Internet can download MacKeeper. Follow the on-screen instructions and get a useful tool to improve the performance of your device.

Download MacKeeper to your Mac for free from You won't have to register, worry about security of the software, or input your mobile number. Everything is checked and ready to use!


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