FireAlpaca for Mac OS


Mac OS

Version: 2.3.12


Technical information

Version: 2.3.12

License: Free


File size: 26.63 MB

Architecture: 32 bit / 64 bit

Compatible: Mac OS X

Language: Russia, English




This is simple to use program to create and edit image files. FireAlpaca offers the multitude of options and various instruments that will be appreciated by advanced graphic designers and digital artist, but also has a user-friendly interface and handy tooltips, which will help inexperienced users to handle this editor.

In FireAlpaca you can customize editor's interface so all the instruments you need always be on your finger tips. You can decide, which instruments and toolbars to make visible, and which to hide. This way you can create distraction-free environment to fit your workflow. FireAlpaca comes with a number of preset brushes with different effects. You can customize these brushes, or add your own brushes to fit your art style. In addition, this editor supports graphic tablets, which means you can use pen pressure sensitivity to control brush size and opacity.

And of course, FireAlpaca can work with layers. When you working on your image, you can create new layers, duplicate, rearrange and delete them. You can open multiple projects in different tabs and copy/move layers between them freely.


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