Droplr for macOS for Mac OS


Mac OS

Version: 5.6.2 Build 235


Technical information

Version: 5.6.2 Build 235

License: $3.00/mo


File size: 21.76 MB

Compatible: Mac OS X

Language: English

Developer: Droplr, Inc

Site: droplr.com


Droplr for macOS is a program with which you can share screenshots or videos with other users.

Such a program is useful in a variety of situations. Using it, you can take a screenshot of the screen and edit it: crop what is unnecessary, blur what is personal, highlight what is important, add captions, etc. At the same time, you can record video from the screen. Both screenshots and videos are uploaded to the cloud storage. In order to send a screenshot/video to another user, Droplr generates a convenient short link that can be sent via chat or inserted in a letter.

It is important to note that the program is available by paid subscription. There are different rates for personal and corporate use.


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