Mozilla Firefox for Linux

Version : 69.0


Technical information

Version: 69.0

Cost: Free


File size: 65.65 MB

Compatible: Linux

Language: Russia, English, Germany, France, Ukraine, Belarus


Fast and easy to use web browser. It has a lot of features for a general users and webmaster, and supports all modern web technologies.

Firefox has a "tabbed" user interface allows you to create bookmarks, group tabs, has an build-in download manager, has the web form autofill feature, allows to search using various search engines, save web pages and much more. Browser can automatically block pop-ups, store logins and passwords for web-sites, and provides reliable protection of sensitive data. Firefox supports plug-ins that allow you to add new features to the browser and custom themes.

Browser has a customizable user interface. Firefox allows you to rearrange, add and remove buttons and panels, thus creating an optimal environment for working with Web content.


Mozilla Firefox сan be found in catalogs