Yandex Metro for iOS



Version: 3.7.1


Technical information

Version: 3.7.1

License: Free


Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS 11.x, iOS 12.x, iOS 13.x

Language: Russia, English, Germany, Ukraine

Developer: Яндекс



Convenient Metro Map for iOS, which does not require an Internet access. With this app, you can quickly build the best route and arrive at the destination point as fast as possible.

The Yandex.Metro app includes maps of the subway in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Kharkov, Minsk and Istanbul. For each of these cities, there is an automatical optimal route construction feature, and also the possibility of calculating the estimated time of the journey.

A nice feature of the Yandex.Metro application is the presence of tips, which carriage to sit in which carriage to sit in, to reach yourr destination point faster. This is especially useful in cases, where you need to take a train on another branch, or just take a seat closer to the certain exit to the city.

In addition, residents and guests of Moscow and St. Petersburg will be able to refill "Troika" (Moscow) and "Podorozhnik" (St. Petersburg) tickets, right through the application.


Previous versions

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