R Programming Compiler for iOS



Version: 3.1.2


Technical information

Version: 3.1.2

License: $6.99


Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS 9.x, iOS 10.x, iOS 11.x, iOS 12.x, iOS 13.x

Language: English

Developer: Kappsmart

Site: itunes.apple.com


R Programming Compiler -  is an application, that can be used both for learning R programming language, and for testing code snippets right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Key features:

  • Write code in R programming language.
  • Compile and run your programs.
  • Supports plotting and graphing.
  • Has the custom keyboard with all the necessary symbols and characters.
  • View program output or detailed error.
  • Select and run chunk of codes
  • Both physical or BlueTooth external keyboards support.
  • Advanced source code editor.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Displaying of lines numbers.
  • Open, save, import and share R files.
  • File sharing with iTunes Connect, AirDrop and iCloud.
  • Install packages.

The app has some limitations:

  • To compile your programs, you need an Internet connection.
  • Your program's running time is limited to 20 seconds.
  • Some file system, network and graphics functions may be limited.
  • This is a batch compiler; interactive programs, for instance swirl, are not supported.


Previous versions

If you have information about available versions of the softeware, you can . send it to us.

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