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Paper by Dropbox for iOS

Version :version: 160.2


Technical information

Version: 160.2

Cost: Free


Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS 10.x, iOS 11.x, iOS 12.x

Language: Russia, English, Germany, France, Ukraine

Developer: Dropbox



The program, created by the Dropbox developers, which will make the work on various projects in collaboration with the colleagues much easier.

With Paper by Dropbox app, you can work with colleagues on any data - from images and videos to sound and code. Also, the program allows not only to work with the existing files, but also to create new ones and share them with colleagues at any time, wherever you are.

In addition, you will be able to post and reply to comments. This will be useful as to exchange experience with colleagues, as to discuss various working moments.

Paper by Dropbox will notify you of any changes in your projects. It means, that you will be informed immediately about new comments, shares and mentions.

Another nice feature of the program is the ability to work even without an Internet access. It allows to open, edit and comment on your starred and recent documents, as well as to create new ones in the offline mode.


Previous versions

If you have information about available versions of the softeware, you can . send it to us.