Google Duo for iOS



Version: 88.0


Technical information

Version: 88.0

License: Free


Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS 11.x, iOS 12.x, iOS 13.x

Language: Russia, English, Germany, France, Ukraine

Developer: Google



Keep in touch with friends and relatives and get the oppotrunity to see and hear them, with the help of this program.

Using Google Duo, you can call any person from your contacts list in a few taps. Just log in, using your phone number, and your phone book will be syncronized with the contacts list in the Duo. Just tap the person's name and make a call. Is the desired person is not using Duo yet, the app allows to send an invitation via SMS.

The program offers a high quality of audio and video during calls. Moreover, it uses a tool, that automatically tunes the video and audio quality, according to the connection speed, in order to provide users with the most stable connection in any circumstances.

Duo application automatically switches between Wi-Fi and mobile networks, without interrupting the current connection. It allows to communicate with friends and reatives, even if you have an urgent reason to leave your home or office with Wi-Fi connection.

Another useful feature of the app is "Knock Knock". It allows to see who’s calling, before you pick up, with a live video preview.


Previous versions

If you have information about available versions of the softeware, you can . send it to us.