Find my Kids: parental control for iOS



Version: 2.0.16


Technical information

Version: 2.0.16

License: from $3.99 per month


Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS 9.x, iOS 10.x, iOS 11.x, iOS 12.x

Language: Other, Russia, English, Germany, France, Ukraine



Find my Kids: parental control is the app for parents, that allows to get the accurate information on the location of the kid in real time. It has a nice and useful interface and offers a variety of features, that helps to track the child's activities.

About the program

Find my Kids app will become your reliable assistant and save your nerves. With its help, you can see the location of your kids on the map, and also create safe zones: Home, School, etc. When your kid enters or leaves these zones, you'll get a notification. Also, the app will notify about the low battery level on the child's device. if your child presses the SOS button, you'll get a notification with the corresponding address. Please note, that the information about the location of your child updates automatically every 15 minutes, but you can update it manually any time you want. And if the trackable device will stop responding, you'll get a notification with a possible reason.

How the app works:

In order to get the location of your kids, you need to install "Find my Kids: parental control" app on your mobile device, and then "Chat with Parents - GPS tracker" on your child's smartphone. But there is another option. You can purchase the supported GPS-watches or other device and give it to your kid. The app supports the following GPS-watches:

Q50, Q60, Q80, Q90, Q100, Q360, Q523, Q730, Q750, Q8, GW100, GW100S, GW200, GW200S, GW300, GW300S, GW400S, GW400X, GW500S, GW600S, GW700, GW800, GW900, GW900S, GW1000, GW1000S, EW100, EW100S, EW200, K911, W8, W9, W10, Y3, G36, SAFEKEEPER, DS18, T58, T100, I8, G10, G100, D99, D100, D100S, Titan Watch Q50 GPS-trackers, Smart Pet tracker, Smart tracker S01, A1, Aimoto, Aimoto Start, Aimoto Sport, Aimoto Ocean, LoLexi Watch and analogues.

Please note. You can use all the functions of the service for free, for the first 7 days. After that, you'll be able to use only the tracking feature for free. To use ither functions, you will need to buy a subscription.

If you want to track the location of your children from your iPhone, try the Find my Kids: parental control for iOS app.


Previous versions

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