Discord for iOS




Version: 22.0


Technical information

Version: 22.0

License: Free


Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS 10.x, iOS 11.x, iOS 12.x, iOS 13.x

Language: English

Developer: Discord Inc.

Site: itunes.apple.com


A must-have program for gamers, which will make communication with friends from online games much easier.

Discord allows to stay in touch at any time. With this program, you can always see which of your friends are online and playing your favorite games, and then join them. To better coordinate your actions, you will be able to use a convenient text chat or voice channels. Never miss anything, even being AFK.

The program allows to create your own voice channels and invite other users, forming teams or creating your own chat rooms for each game.

With the Discord app, you can not only communicate, but also attach video, GIFs and emojis to your messages, and then share them with your friends in real time, both in the general chat room or with the help of direct messages feature. Moreover, the app supports convenient notifications and @mentions so you'll never miss anything important.

A pleasant feature of the program is the ability to customize channels and assign roles and permissions to all of any user.


Previous versions

If you have information about available versions of the softeware, you can . send it to us.

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