Songkick Concerts for Android

Version : 3.3


Technical information

Version: 3.3

Cost: Free


File size: 10 MB

Compatible: Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x

Language: English

Developer: Songkick


Songkick Concerts is the app, that will help you to timely get the information about the live shows of your favourite bands or artists in your city.

About the Songkick Concerts app

Do you often refresh the website of your favourite band to check the information about the concerts? Try this app, then. Just install it on your mobile device and authorise with Facebook or Spotify. The app will check the onformation about your favourite artista and show you the info about the upcoming live shows. Moreover, it will notify you about the new shows, as soon as artists announce tour dates near you.

Key features:

  • Import the data about your favourite artists from Facebook or Spotify.
  • Scan the memory of your device to discover your favoutire artists.
  • Get notifications about the new concerts and festivals nearby.
  • Check the info about the ticket options and prices.
  • See all upcoming tour dates for the selected artist.
  • Get the concert recommendations, based on your music tastes.
  • Share concerts info with friends.