Samsung Voice Recorder for Android



Technical information


License: Free


File size: 11.88 MB

Compatible: Android 9.x

Language: English



Easily record audio with your Samsung gadget and edit records at any time, directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Samsung Voice Recorder app provides an easy and wonderful recording experience. Using it, you can create voice memos or any other recordings on your gadget, and easily edit or listen to them at any time.

You can use the program in several modes.

Standard Mode makes it easy to record audio, using a simple and intuitive interface.

Interview mode allows to record conversations with other people. In this case the program uses two microphones at once: one at the top of the smartphone, and the other is at the bottom.

Voice Memo Mode allows not only to create small voice records, but also to easily convert them to text notes.

A nice feature of the Samsung Voice Recorder program is the ability to choose a path to save records. You can save your notes not only in the internal memory of the gadget, but also on the SD-card.

The program also supports background recording, allows to set bookmarks, has a built-in player and a sound editing tool, and also allows to share your records with friends via email, or other apps.


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