Moneybox for Android



Version: 2.6


Technical information

Version: 2.6

License: Free


File size: 20.38 MB

Compatible: Android 4.x, Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x

Language: Russia, English, Ukraine

Developer: PrivatBank



With the Kopilka application, customers of the PrivatBank in Ukraine will be able to save money even easier. It automatically will collect small amounts from your card and to save small sums of money to the special deposit account.

Kopilka app allows you deposit the interest from your salary, change from purchases, and loose change left at the end of the day. Thus, you will be able to quickly save a large sum.

Interest rate on the deposit account is 20% per annum, which will also help to raise the necessary funds. Also, the app has no commission for transferring money to Kopilka.

The application allows you to fill up Kopilka account in several ways:

1)You will be able to round the prices paid for the goods and to transfer.

2)The application can automatically transfer a certain percentage of money, coming to the card, to the deposit.

3)You can set up a monthly transfer of a certain amount to Kopilka.

4)The app allows to transfer the loose change left on the card after purchases, rounding up the rest of the 10 or 100 UAH, to Kopilka on a daily basis.

Please note, that the deposit currency in the Kopilka app is UAH.


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