Google Duo for Android



Version: 87.0.311403436.DR87_RC14


Technical information

Version: 87.0.311403436.DR87_RC14

License: Free


File size: 63.06 MB

Compatible: Android 4.x, Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x, Android 10.x

Language: Russia, English

Developer: Google



A free video chat app, based on using a phone number instead of opening a new account.

Google Duo will help you stay in touch anytime. It works with both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections. The video quality will adapt automatically to ensure the best possible service, even if your Internet connection is very slow.

Since the app is linked to a mobile number, it can instantly sync your phone book with the contact list. You can quickly call any of your contacts, and if they aren't using Google Duo yet, you can send them an SMS or Hangouts invitation.

The app can automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data without connection loss. This means that you can start your conversation at home or in the office and continue outside or in any other place without being interrupted for even a second.

One of Google Duo's main features is the Knock Knock option. If you think that incoming calls are usually distracting or even inconvenient, this feature will help you see them as an exciting invitation. This is because now you can see the person calling you before the conversation starts. In the same way, you can also in say in advance what you want to talk about.

It should be mentioned that you can use the app to make usual voice calls as well as video calls. All conversations in the app are protected by secure end-to-end encryption.

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Download the Google Duo app for Android from our website: it is fast, free and completely safe.


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